Virally yours, Corona!

Ah! there you are!

Don’t look around mister; yeah! I’m talking to you. You can’t see me, but I can, and so can zillions of my brethren!

Anyway, while I am being nice, I thought of saying hello to our most favourite host while I am perched atop this metallic thing called railing by you all; I heard one of your kind scream out to a little one, to not come near this thing; thus, I know the name. Our colony had just finished infecting one of you and he carelessly sneezed and wiped his hand on this railing, and that’s how I am here. That sneeze dislodged billions of us far away from our parents, but yeah that’s totally okay for us; its in our nature to be orphaned quickly, and we rapidly learn to come in terms of our own, and also by studying the surroundings around us. Also, I am not alone here, so I have no fear at all. So, while there is time, here is my story.

Though I came into existence just minutes ago, I am told by fellow Coronians that we have been in this world since a long long time. We were perhaps dormant all this while, and I still don’t know how our nuclei got activated, because I was separated from my parents from the “sneeze event” even before they could tell me; but nonetheless. While I was in my birthplace, my parents had shown me a dying nuclei and told me that he is from the place where it all started. My parents follow his lineage and so we have our deepest respects unto him. My parents were born in some other part of the world, but have the same traits as our old man. And now, that power is possessed by the rest of us here.

As my tiny cell continues to adapt to this fresh surrounding, I must say that I see your breed is really at war with us. Few of our best pilots failed to invade the fellow that walked past our infected guy when he had sneezed, as he was having some sort of a defensive sheath around his face. I see millions of my brethren being neutralised as some lady is walking around spraying some liquid preparation on the floor and wiping the surfaces. Most other fellow Coronians are immobilised of shock after receiving the “fragrance of death” as we call it, when many of you douse your hands with a smelly liquid preparation and touch places where we reside. Anyways, all that you are doing doesn’t scare us much, because we are a zillion times more than your population, all active and ready to invade! So aggressive we are, that we have become very popular in our ginormous virus community as well! A senior just told me that our bigger cousins, the SARS and MERS, have grown pretty jealous of the recent popularity us little boys have garnered. They were the bad guys totally, much much powerful than us. But, we are the next generation now, the fast, energetic, powerful and ruthless ones, much like the youth of your breed as I observe. We are told however that although our entire virus community outnumber your count by zillions-of-zillion times more, your breed has an evolutionary gift that will soon devise a preparation that when administered into you, will render us immobile like our bigger cousins. So, it is indeed a few more days of glory for us to bask the limelight, while we can!

The defensive sheath your breed has now on their faces, and the smelly liquids they posses are some of those ingenious products of your evolutionary gift. Despite our best efforts, almost all of us fail to get past those impervious molecules of the substance. However, once inside you by any other means, its our rule. Although we are actually benign in front of your internal defences, your habituation seems to have made our work very easy. Most of your internal defence systems have been already weakened, by the havoc your kind had wrecked in an environment meant for us too. We would have stood no chance against such an exemplary evolutionary cutting-edge internal defence system you have. However, in a tryst to gain supremacy over all of the creations, despite being just few in numbers compared to the rest of us, all your breed left behind was a trail of destruction. In response to your doings, some of us perished, most of us adapted, and some of us mutated and evolved too. Your way of life destroyed you from within, and now it haunts back at you. We are just little temporary messengers to tell you, that despite being on the top, you too are just as humble an organism as we are, in this environment. It is a way of Nature to maintain the balance. We Coronians, are just one of Nature’s latest marvel, albeit popular too soon. And messing with your kind does have its repercussions on us too, but it’s our job after all. We are least bothered about our extinction for now, unlike your fearful kind.

Okay then, back to business! And here comes a little one sticking her tongue out towards this railing. What a delight!

Sayonara! Hope we meet soon next. If I live, I surely will!

Virally yours,

About Nidheesh Pillai

Fondly known as "nido" amongst close friends, I enjoy expressing my world through writing, and thus you will see that my works are just about it - "my World via my Expressions!". Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!
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13 Responses to Virally yours, Corona!

  1. Shruti kanetkar says:


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  2. Island Britt says:

    Cute! That’s a great perspective, and I hope one that gets people thinking… and taking preventative action 🙂
    Stay well!

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  3. gifted50 says:

    This was an excellent read as well, I really love your take from the “little devil’s ” point of view.

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  4. Ruchi says:

    So well written! I wouldn’t be surprised if this post became viral.

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  5. GriffithsKL says:

    What a clever premise!

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  6. Beverley says:

    Very creative. I like it. Stay safe from these invaders.

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  7. Pooja Kalyani says:

    Quite unique and very imaginative article. 👌👌👌

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  8. Alex Phillip says:

    Your metaphor “the fragrance of death” for sanitizers is just too good. What a wonderful post indeed!

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  9. anjali says:

    Let us all pray daa!

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  10. Bhupendra says:

    Nice thing.

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  11. A.K. says:

    Such a polite dhamki by corona 😎

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  12. Dr Namrata says:

    I never thought of this version of Coronavirus. An interesting read 🙏🏻.

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